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CenterFocus wraps up another season of adventure

It seems that the wave of adventure is starting to subside a little bit for our 2013 season.  This season was a blast, so lets review some highlights from this year.

Our guided Grand Canyon trips went well.  We kicked off with Spring Break visitors, and the weather on these trips was delightful.  After summer arrived, the heat came to us early this year, with heat waves in June that were above average for what we see during our Grand Canyon Backpacking Trips.  June and September require attention to planned routes to avoid heat, as these months can pose at times the same threats that July and August can. 

Coming into September the backpacking in Grand Canyon started out with some rain, and we squeezed through a trip on September 9th in the middle of the mess, catching a weather window and getting great pictures and experinences. 

By October things got really nice, and then the park closed due to the government shutdown!  Luckily we caught the tail end of October, and we guided Grand Canyon tours throughout the end of the month and up until today.  At this point winter is approaching no doubt, although it has been sunny and clear as is typical for November with great hiking!

Our Arizona guided canyoneering tours could not have went better.  We started the Spring with a little rain and cold, but then conditions set up just right.  We enjoyed the season through the Spring and Summer, where we had a lot of precipitation in August that we had to be careful of here and there.  The miracle month for our guided canyoneering tours and adventures in Arizona this year was September.  Salome this year started to flow once again like the Spring for a three week window.  The water was crystal clear, and the canyon charged up all over again.  This left quickly, but we were able to get many trips through the canyon during that time, and having guided there for years it made us feel quite special to be a part of this.  One of the trips a huge Gila Monster was sitting right in the center of the canyon, just hanging out on the top of a boulder, it was like the Spring had rekindled.

Lastly, our Sedona adventure tours were and are always, largely rock climbing based.  These guided rock climbing tours leave Sedona to spend a day climbing at the high elevation of the Mogollon Rim.  Spring is a great time up there, and the summer can be good to hide from the heat.  We slowed down here for some reason in September, and then started to get busy again as far as the climbing trips in October.   It has been getting cool at this point at the high elevations, so our guided climbing tours will start to wrap up for the year, although climbing in Phoenix is great throughout the winter.


Guided Grand Canyon Backpacking Tours

We are gearing up here at CenterFocus for our 2013 season. We will be posting updates on conditions in all of our areas, and our predictions on how this weather will effect our touring through the 2013 season as time goes on. If you mention this post and are a return client, you will recieve a 15 percent discount off of all of our tours in 2013. Anyone else, who mentions this post and books a Guided Grand Canyon Backpacking Tour or technical canyoneering tour, prior to January 1st will receive 50pp off on canyoneering and/or 75pp off Guided Grand Canyon Backpacking Tours. Cheers!