Guided Backpacking in Grand Canyon on hold until Spring

Taking a day hike in the Grand Canyon this time of year can be enjoyable, but be sure to dress for the cold, as the South Rim is located near 7000 feet and will experience weather typical of Flagstaff.  Backpacking trips be careful, as snow can impact these pre-planned journeys making it unsafe or impossible to get off of the rim top.  Once below rim top conditions can greatly improve, but as a storm seems to be headed our way for this coming weekend, our days of guided tours in Grand Canyon on a multi day level will most likely be on hold until March 1st now, when conditions once again set us up for another beautiful season of backpacking in Grand Canyon. 

Again, day hiking the canyon in Winter can be nice, as even if unable to drop off of the rim, the snow can add a beauty to the canyon that cannot be described.

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