Guided Grand Canyon Backpacking Trips and Tours – How to choose wisely

As a manager here at CenterFocus Guided Grand Canyon Tours, I wanted to provide information to help you choose the ideal Grand Canyon Tour for you.

The first order of business is to determine whether or not you are looking for an overnight or a single day trip. Single day trips can typically be booked with most Grand Canyon Backpacking Guide and Tour companies about three weeks in advance. For overnight trips an advanced booking of at least 4 months is suggested due to the difficulty in acquiring permits in Grand Canyon, for this coveted camping space located below rim top.

CenterFocus does not charge you if unable to get permits, be wary of companies that charge you even when unable to acquire the necessary backpacking permits for your group. Also consider it a negative when Grand Canyon Tour Companies offer little to no personalized service, answering questions with automated field forms. If this robotic, it’s a profit and not passion driven company. This is alright, but typically means guides are underpaid and under treated, customer service becomes sub-par, and screening processes to assure you a safe trip less precise.
Be sure your company is CUA certified by the National Park Service on the Park website located here,

The final step in this process is choosing a trail. If a guide company is worth their weight, they should assist with this. Typically the S. Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails are more suited to groups less physical, more relaxed, or that want more time to simply enjoy relaxing a bit in Grand Canyon. The Hermit and non-corridor trips are much arduous and adventurous. These get you away from people more so, but are more demanding and a little more mission oriented. The Rim to Rim trip follows the corridor trails, but the N. Kaibab portion of this Grand Canyon Guided Backpacking Tour is more remote and challenging than the S. Kaibab trail; also over ten miles of extra hiking to side sites occurs on the CenterFocus Experiences Guided Grand Canyon trips and tours so be prepared for an amazing four day adventure, a bit harder than the S. Kaibab loop, and a bit less strenuous than the Hermit based trips that are offered.

Currently expensive guided rim to rim backpacking trips and tours in Grand Canyon are being offered at huge savings if booked prior to June 1st. Check out these guided Grand Canyon Tours at

Take a look at these offerings, and if able to call CenterFocus at 9285678580 prior to June 1st, you can save up to 30 percent on these guided Rim to Rim Grand Canyon Backpacking tours!


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